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**MOD NOTE: It should go without saying that Halloween based ads are most definitely welcome this weekend, and on Monday!**

Take the kids to Kiddytown to have their souls devoured by clowns! ::shudder:: I have never EVER liked clowns. They've always just flat out terrified me, even as a wee imp. About 10 years ago Eddie's company picnic was at a local park and they hired CLOWNS! One kept bothering me, I think they sense fear? Eddie told it to leave me alone, but it was a silent clown making it even creepier. I finally told it, "Dude, someone dressed as a clown murdered my family when I was a kid, could you leave me the fuck alone or did you come to finish the job?" He said "I'm so sorry". Then he got far far away from me and they actually left shortly after that, staring at me, while they went to their car. Others at the picnic were relieved they left and all agreed they were creepy and wondered who thought hiring CLOWNS was a good idea!

And no, a clown did not murder my family, that was just one of those things that my dark subconscious came out with.

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