February Contest Winner!

It's me, again. I don't feel right about that. If there was a finalist I could have voted for to either tie or win, I would have voted for them. I will refrain from this month's contest, aside from occasional entry votes. I try to NOT vote for entries until it's time to tally, as sometimes there'll be quite a few tied for 5th. No problem having 6 or even 7 finalists, but if there's going to be more than that, I will then vote on entries to wrangle the finalists down.

Thanks. I just feel weird though winning twice in a row. Usually it'd be like once a year, if I was lucky.
That's a good point. I will say though that through the years vintage ads active membership tends to ebb and flow. Sometimes we have a drought of contest entries, other times a flood. Same with every day postings.

I am aware of a few people leaving LJ, but not as many as in some communities.
I respect your decision - and it's good that this one won, because it's on the agenda to make - I already made the 1921 Royal Baking Powder contest cake *orange and chocolate together, yum* and it'll be fun to try this one, too. Chocolate and mint is another fave mix!
Ooooo 'cooking with vintage ads'!! Feel free to post those ads and your 'cake' review[s]. Chocolate and mint IS a wonderful combination!

If I hadn't won twice in a row I'd be okay, as I have won before but usually like once a year. If I have good ads for the 'contest' I'll just save them for non-contest times! :D
Adding: Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Roof-Project-Finish Day to this!

Most of all, Welcome to the World Day, Sophia. She joined us at 9 lbs. 2 oz. yesterday at about 4 p.m. I am a kindasorta Grandma again after sponsoring her dad at church by being his caregiver from age 6 onward. Way to go, kiddo!

Notes: This is a fantastic tasting recipe! It's like a York patty and the half-recipe turned out just right. Going by the picture, the filling looks stiff and thick so if you desire that look, add more powdered sugar or perhaps whip egg whites to stiffen and thicken. As written, the filling and topping are soft. Paraffin could be added to the topping if desired, to make a harder top.

Yummy tummy!
Re: Adding: Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Roof-Project-Finish Day to this!
CONGRATULATIONS Grandma!!! And of course parents! You sound like an 'official' Grandma to me. How wonderful of you to have been a caregiver to him! Be very proud of yourself too!!

Ooooo York peppermint patty!! That sounds and LOOKS absolutely delicious!! I'd prefer to have it soft. I guess someone wanting to professionally 'show' it off would prefer it being still. Looks like you used a loaf pan. Or maybe that's how the pix looks. Now I gotta try this myself!! :D

Thank you for your review and sharing your good news!!!
Re: Adding: Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Roof-Project-Finish Day to this!
Good call! Yup it was a loaf pan. :0

And thanks! I hope to see the lil gooberpea soon now that she's out of her shell.