Never seen this one. Have watched Nosferatu of course. Also have seen Murnau's Last Laugh and Faust. I really liked Faust.
Great post.
Fantastic film and an Oscar winner. The director put lead soles in O'Brien's shoes to give him that heavy-footed shuffle. I liked how Gaynor's characterization was very sweet, yet also knowing. There's one look she gives O'Brien that says she's in the relationship for the duration and not fooled by anything he says or does. Then there's O'Brien, excellent here and in several other mainstream pics and yet, like Tim Holt, he found a secure niche in B-western after B-western ...
This is such a WEIRD film, but the cinematography is brilliant. There's a city scene where all the extras in the background were children dressed as adults, just to mess with the camera perspective and make everything in the city look bigger.

And the poster is Art Deco and very cool too!

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