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Miss Tia

New User Agreement

Have you got the pop up with the new user agreement? Here it is if you haven't seen it already. We're apparently suppose to know Russian laws. Then at the bottom:

13.4 Paid Services are not subject of this Agreement. The Administration shall not be liable for Paid Services. All Paid Services’ related questions shall be address to Live Journal Inc. [there's a hyperlink for LJ account support]. So apparently the new agreement is just free accounts? But isn't it ALL administrated by Russia now?

Uh?? Dafuq?! They've done a wonderful job communicating that the servers moved to Russia months ago [sarcasm] and now this. My icon sums up feelings succinctly.

ETA LJ has actually posted news about this! If you don't subscribe to that here it is. Comments are screened--I believe they know the reaction. I did post one though, because isn't Live Journal Inc Russian too now? They aren't very clear about that. We shall have wait and see.

Another ETA On the LJ news post, they answered my question. They said Live Journal Inc is still in CA, USA.
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