Georgia Straight, celebrates 50 years

Vintage 1967

Georgia Straight celebrates 50 years

The Georgia Straight newspaper has thrilled, enraged, educated, and enlightened Vancouverites for five decades. But even after all these years, some people remain confused about the name.

It originated over beers in the old Cecil Hotel in 1967. That's when poet and UBC math student Dan McLeod and artists Michael Morris and Glen Lewis settled on Georgia Straight in the hope of generating free publicity.

That's because radio stations of that era often mentioned marine conditions in the body of water known as Georgia Strait.

Many of the early writers and illustrators were keen environmentalists and antiwar activists. One of them, Paul Watson, went on to found the Sea Shepherd Society to save whales and other ocean wildlife. Another writer in the mid 1970s, Bob Geldof, became a household name when he organized the Live Aid Ethiopian famine-relief concerts in London and Philadelphia in 1985.


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I was just thinking about this anniversary yesterday and wondering why I hadn't heard about any plans, so I googled and found out that the city of San Francisco has been giving the organizers a hard time, according to them. I hope something is pulled off.

I can't imagine all the hoopla in two years for Woodstock's 50th, though maybe nothing will come of it. The entire Civil War 150th observances (2011-2015) was almost completely ignored. Funny how things change. In the early '60s, the Civil War Centennial was observed by a slew of new books coming out, TV and movies doing Civil War themes, and kids going around with era-appropriate Army caps.

Guess people are just too absorbed with their cell phones to care about history anymore. *shrugs*
This is just My Kind Of Thing and I had never heard of it at all. Thank you so much!