One Day Event: Discount Stores

There's a few hours left in the day where I live! You know, it's been over 20 years since Wal-Mart bought out Woolco and I still miss the place. I have dreams about it now and then. My brother and I used to buy packages of cancelled stamps for $1.50, cheap toys and the one near where we lived had a restaurant called Strawberry Street.

I hear ya!

Zellers was another discount chain in Canada that went defunct a few years ago and the stores were replaced by Targets (unfortunately Target botched their Canadian entry and left after a few years). Oddly I don't miss Zellers. The stores went so downhill in the 2000s that I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. Every store felt damned :D
Poor Target. I like them and I was morose when our neighborhood store closed. It felt damned by the end, too. Very creepy.
Those are neat recollections! Stamps, the easiest hobby to get hooked into ... Ours had two stories and a wide open staircase, a rare thing in our part of CA where there were hardly any 2 story homes. Ha, cheap entertainment to run up and down the stairs! The pet dept. was in the bottom floor, home to huge tanks of goldfish and hamsters. The lunch counter held good, simple food and swivel seats at the counter to twirl oneself upon. :) I suspect we were easily amused.
Ahhhh you prompted me! Our Woolco was two stories as well and it had a belt people mover as opposed to a stair escalator, so you could take your shopping carts downstairs. We loved running up and down it :D

The pet section was small, but oddly not a favourite place to visit because there was a much better pet store in the mall.

I think you're right about being easily amused :) There were two banks of 25 cent prize machines at either entrance and we spent a lot of quarters on them!

Stamps were a cool hobby for us kids and so cheap. There was a coin counter too, but we never cottoned on to them. We used to drag those big stamp catalogues home from the library (also located in the same mall) and assess their value. LOL we were kind of smart and dumb :)