They had this exact poster in the Opera House at the Victorian Festival last year (in a room off the main one). I'm not sure if the poster's legit or not, but the practice did go on; in fact they built a lot of mechanical contrivances to facilitate. :-)
Wow, where to start? At the moment I can't get passed "disease of the midquarters". Thank you!
This makes me think of the movie "Hysteria". If you've not seen it, you should. It's very interesting and funny!
This was regarded by the Victorians as a treatment for "feminine hysteria" - it was only when they realised that the clitoris was a sexual organ that doctors stopped manually stimulating it. America was generally 10-15 years behind Britain, so it is possible that the news hasn't reached there.

Also, there was a weird taboo thing going on in the US where names for body parts were concidered somehow licentous. [i'm not sure if I am expressing this clearly]. It was enough that words such as titbit were changed into tidbit for propriety because it contained "tit". Generally speaking it was quite possible for a nicely bought up young woman to consider anything between neck and knees her "stomach".