Well as for the 'snow' mentioned in the ad, I'm 100% sure Miami has that kind!!! For the other kind of snow, with the wacky weather around the world, you very well might get some soon!! It snowed in the Sahara recently!!

And I wish I could find all the ads for the ridiculously overt 70s cocaine paraphernalia in the comm, but I'm finding it a tedious slog through the drugs tag.
Would an 'illegal drugs' tag be better? Or what about just 'cocaine', 'pot' & 'marijuana', etc?
That's how new tags come about. Some one raises an issue, as you did, which is valid. I'm leaning towards a new tag, as I think it might be useful.
Then I think "illicit drugs" would be a good tag, and since there are a lot of cocaine ads, a cocaine tag would be appropriate too.
I'm not sure how illicit drugs would translate for our foreign members, or even for some of our American members! I know I never really use the phrase "illicit drugs". I don't know if illegal would apply even, because say for instance for the Bayer Heroin ads, it was legal then. So that could be confusing---or maybe I think too much.

Probably tags with the drugs themselves would work best: cocaine, heroin, coke-drug, pot-drug, marijuana, whatever else...