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1953: Husband furious because you've missed the post? The Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter prints the stamp and seals the envelope all in one go.
I used to think ad firms in the Fifties and Sixties were full of closeted homosexuals.

Now I see that they were
rabidly misogynistic
closeted homosexuals.
My God, who the fuck would give the greenlight to an ad like this?
Looks more like a managerial relationship than a marital one, from the setting.
Looks to me like she refuses to learn how to use the postage meter. Did the copy writer fail to look at the picture?

I knew there had to be additional text to this ad - otherwise it just comes across as stupid and insensitive, as well as not making sense. I've been able to find a photo of the original ad...

... I can't read the text to see what the hell is actually going on. Can anyone else?

Here's some of it:

“(...) No stamping. No stamp sticking. Just set the xxxx for any kind of stamp you want, for any kind of mail, and the xxx prints the stamp right on the envelope with a dated postmark...and it seals the flap at the same time. Faster than mailing by hand. Xxxx stamps xxx xxx for parcel post. Will/It’ll handle anything we have to mail out of this office. Even keeps its own records!
And metered mail doesn’t have to be postmarked and xxx in the post office xxx xxxx xxxxx. It is practically heaven’s gift to the working girl”...and so on. But with the Mahoney, no soap.

I xxx diplomacy. “Miss Mahoney, I want you to personally try it for two weeks. If you don’t like it then – back it goes to the factory. I depend on your judgment implicitly(?). Okay?...She acts like an early Christian about to be lunch for a lion, but gives in.
So help me, two weeks later she has a big (pink bow?) on the handle of the postage machine – like it was xxxx or something. I give it the gape.

“Kinda xxxx, ain’t it, “ says Mahoney. “Xxx a very efficient machine, Mr. Jones. Now the mail xxx out early enough so I get in the girls’ room in time to hear all of the dirt."...I wonder, is it always illegal to kill a woman?

We are always learning some new advantage of the postage meter. If you’d like to learn what one could do for your office, call the nearest Pitney Bowes office. Or write for an illustrated booklet.

Wow. You did a lot better than I did.

And, after giving them the benefit of the doubt, we see that in fact the ad writers were idiots :)

Oh, Miss Mahoney, I see.

"Get back to printing my stamps, you dirty carrot-headed potato-eater!"
That drawing is awesome. His hands are very expressive and the expressions on both of their faces is classic.