We had these all the way back in the Sixties. Guess someone decided to make 'em funky...
I remember these very well! Not sure when they stopped being for sale, but it can't have been that long after this commercial, because I can't remember them anytime after elementary school, which for me ended in 1993. I loved these. I had a small mouth, so big chewing gum I had to tear in half, but two or three of these were just the right size. I think we used to get them trick-or-treating, too.
Soooooooooo tiny
My grandmother, "Tweeds" as she was affectionately known, always had these at her house for me and my brother when we were kids, in the early 70s. As I remember, each "piece" of gum was about the size of a large sesame seed. You needed a big mouthful of the stuff to get up any kind of chew.