One Day Event - Unbelievable Dialogue: 1938 Fels-Naptha Soap

Apparently Tess has an elderly lesbian couple living upstairs, who enjoy shimmying down trellises in their nightclothes and involving themselves in her romantic life?

I say if Bob's making snarky remarks about the tablecoth before the wedding, he'll be insufferable after the honeymoon.
My first thought was that they're the kinda standard spinster sisters that seemed popular in movies back then, but I like your take on 'em being an elderly lesbian couple. Or perhaps they could even be an old drag queen couple, helping with romance. Kind of a Wong Foo thing, only 40 years older.
I got the spinster sisters/maiden aunts angle, too – but what appears to be a shared double bed made me wonder…

I really like the Wong Foo theory!