Advertising Art: Coles Phillips

Coles Phillips was a groundbreaking illustrator of the 1910s, first pioneering the "fade-away girl", where color defined the image rather than the outlines.

Coles Phillips 6

This post is going to be in two parts, because I went down a Coles Phillips rabbit-hole and couldn't stop collecting beautiful images!

Coles Phillips 3
Coles Phillips 1

Mods: why is there no tag for lingerie?
Excellent post - I'd heard of the artist and wow, in these he uses the light like Maxfield Parrish did masterfully. The fade away girl with lineless art is classic.
Thanks for sharing these. I would have incorrectly thought J. C. Leyendecker.
Sorry, just saw this when tallying contest finalist votes. I think because we have an underwear tag, would be my immediate answer as to why we have no lingerie tag. A lot of times it's taken into consideration that not everyone has English as their first language and we try to simplify tags based on that.

I have created a lingerie tag and also added underwear. I know lingerie can be defined as different from underwear; but some people MIGHT consider this as such. If you disagree, PLEASE let me know!!! I have no problem changing something based on feedback! Plus my brain is fried from a contract law class, so I'm not firing on all cylinders! :D I know these ads don't show underwear, but the one references corsets and bras.

These are gorgeous ads and a very interesting 2 part post. THANK YOU!!