Other folks have mentioned that --- I've been to the UK a few times and thought it was simple, well prepared food, like the time we dined at Simpson's on the Strand. Hee, I'll always remember tomatoes and beans for breakfast, couldn't quite stomach those things at 6 a.m.!! :)
Strange, I have never thought of beef noodle soup as particularly English.
"You should buy this because it is yummy just like the food they have in England"…in 1962?! Pull the other one, it jingles! Dear god, what a steaming, fœtid pile of nonsense. The UK didn't have good food until very recently, when increasing immigration chipped away at their dogged insistence that everything has to be boiled for hours into grey slop. "I say, old chap…dead clever, these funny little ethnics; they surely can cook!".

I assume they'll be reverting to form on the culinary front once they finish triumphantly shooting themselves in both feet with their Brexit gun.