One Day Event TOMORROW!

25 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Bombs depicted in ads

Actual bombs, movies/tv shows that bombed, etc. Open to interpretation.

ETA 10/24/18 This event has been on our event calendar for months. This was a scheduled post I made over the past weekend and then forgot about it. Unfortunate timing; but since no one, thankfully, was injured our event will continue as planned.
Oh my stars!! This has been on our event calendar for months and I made this as a scheduled post over the weekend. I didn't think of it again after I did the scheduled post. Once in a lifetime bad news correlation, I hope. I probably should edit the post to say this has been on the calendar, etc etc.
RE: !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha. Y'know, I almost went and checked the schedule to see whether it was planned, but that seemed too unlikely a coincidence!

Well, it was psychic, then.
Totally understandable! Hopefully the first and LAST time a preplanned event coincides with news.
I can imagine lots of positive accidental correlations. "The moon in ads" corresponding with the announcement of a new manned NASA lunar program, for instance.

But yeah, hopefully this unfortunate coincidence is a one-off.