Weekend Event - Addresses in Ads

In 1937, Faultless Cleaning was doing business at 1125 Bardstown Road in Louisville and advertising heavily in local newspapers.  Here are two that I found from the autumn of that year.

Eighty years later, still at 1125, still “family owned and operated since 1928”, per their awning, but now groovily renamed Wash-O-Rama. 

So interesting that they've hung on - I guess the need for cleanliness never goes away.
Ninety years! Wow, there are major corporations that don't last that long!
So close to Lynn's Paradise Cafe, which I stumbled on years ago in Louisville and had made a point to visit since. Only now do I see that it close a few years ago.
I liked that it had one of those 4-shot B&W photo booths. On top of the other fun/colorful decor, and the food. Sad to know it's gone now.