Contest Winners?

If I'm gone for any length of time I can find "contest entries" but not "contest finalists" or "contest winners". The last tag seems not to have been used for ages. I'd like to find the October contest winner. Mods, can you use the "contest winners" tag? Thanks.
Thank you!! I'm posting them this weekend, see my comment below if you wanna be bored.
I thought I posted Sept contest winners but they don't show on the popular entry widget. I haven't posted the Oct. yet and will do so this weekend. My contract law class takes up most of my time and it sucks and I hate it, I have 2 other classes and I'm just finishing training to be a crime victim advocate. I am the only moderator, though I know others are listed.

Please, in the future, send me a DM or an email for these things, or comment on one of my posts instead of creating an entry, as all entries are suppose to have an ad. Oh, I had to have a cat put to sleep today too, sudden illness, so today has not been a good day.

And I AM prompt about replying to emails and dm's! Think it's listed; but my personal email is m99084me(at) If you want my phone # to send me a text or something I'll give you that too---though not in a public post.
OMG, I am so sorry! My god, losing your cat! I'm a pet owner so I get it. My condolences.

And I apologize for my thoughtlessness!! This won't happen again.
Thanks for your condolences, yesterday sucked!

You've reminded me before, on a post of mine, and I appreciated the reminder! So PLEASE don't hesitate to comment on a post of mine, DM me, or email me! It's not thoughtless to remind me, I have a lot going on right now, so at times I'm a bad mod. I need to figure out why I didn't post September's winner's today sometimes cuz I'm sure I did. I'll do that during study breaks. And yes, October's winners too! :D