1920s: Fashion

This is Mae Murray, "The Girl With The Beestung Lips," whom Gran copied in her makeup even at age 86. She would purse her lips and dab red color on the 'cupid' shape; she never got into the pinks and pastels that I did in the 60s! Also, Gran plucked and/or shaved her eyebrows, using eyebrow pencil to draw them more naturally than did her next-door agemate neighbor who also shaved and whose eyebrows looked perpetually surprised.
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Thanks! Gran was a wonder. My wedding dress was from the 20s, bought at a collectibles show.

Speaking of wonderment, I'm curious about the thing that Mae sits on - what could that be? It's a stool, attached to a ... doggie bed??
We did a wedding video but not stills -- I might poke around to see if there are pics of the dress from other times, because I wore it to special occasions until it fell apart, ha! There were seed pearls on a fall-palette velvet of russet hue.

I'd love to see Jazzmania because Wiki describes it as an extravaganza of costume changes and Mae's posing in such things to elude pursuit in some plotty devices. TCM hasn't shown it, to my knowledge.
Now it resembles a vanity stool, and the big boxy thing is the box that the outfit came in - it would need a large box because of its volume.