September AND October Contest Winners!!

I thought I had posted September's winner and I had not, so profuse apologies for that. Just so everyone knows, even though others are listed as mods, I'm the only active one and am owner and maintainer. My contract law class takes up way too much of my time, twice as much as my other classes. So I apologize for having been a bad mod while going back to school. Please feel free to comment on a post of mine, DM me, or email me m99084me[at]gmail[dot]com if something is amiss or I've forgotten to do something.

September's Pen, Pencil, and Stationary winner is dandyxr, congrats!!


October's Creepy Kids winner is beaver67, congrats to them!!

"Bad mod" tag? Never!! The best of luck to you in your difficult studies.
Congrats to the winners - good finds they were, ads that fulfilled creepy and inky, respectively!