Who IS the woman? I had a big picture of the robot brushing her hair, but I think it went with the last computer crash.

The ad-women are oddly adorable.
wow, i didn't even remember where i found it, but the spirit of service appealed to me.

I'm sorry, 'Big Mama'? Yikes. No way in hell they'd get away with that these days.
Okay dated, yeah, but isn't it refreshing to see real looking women in an ad?
Why did she have to mean thin women didn't look real? She could've meant that airbrushed women don't look real.

And, well, it is refreshing to see an ad that represents different a body type than the thin standard that we almost constantly see elsewhere. Even in some "plus sized" clothing ads, the models are thin. Thin models wouldn't look real in an ad for "Big Mama" pantyhose, you have to admit.
Well, if she meant non-airbrushed, she's right (except that most pics here are not that airbrushed.) It's just since the ad features larger women, and then her remark, I thought it might be fun to have the 'real women, real curves' debate all over again :o

It might just that we are all misunderstanding eachother, probably :)
Even in some "plus sized" clothing ads, the models are thin.

I know, wtf is up with that. Like the mannequins in "plus size" stores look like a size six.
I guess Big Mama is better than "Heifer Hose" or something.

Bonus with the aerated crotch.

Man, surely even in 1976 someone who was 145 pounds (especially with a height up to 5'9"!) wasn't that "large"? WTF were women supposed to do for pantyhose? :P