I had one of these.  I recall that BAP-mmmmmm… when you turned it on, then WHAACK-whackity whack-whack-whack…

The thing was, back in the stick ’n rudder days a pilot flew his aircraft himself, muscles against airstream.  Today when the pilot pulls the stick over, he’s merely telling the on-board computer what he wants done:  The computer actuates the servo-motors to move the control surfaces.

Just so, the typist using one of these merely indicated which keys to use, did not personally, physically produce or control the power of the keystrokes - whack! - which never varied.  Whack whack whack…  It was convenient, of course, having this machine-assist, but it was also a bit disconcerting.

This is a lovely way of putting it. I remember how much force it took to work the manual Olivettis in our typing class. If we were proficient typists, we were sometimes allowed to use the electric typewriters (a few Selectrics and another brand I forget). Oddly enough, I miss my old Smith Corona word processor. It was giant, took single density disks that were hard to find and the 5 line LCD display was not meant for editing, but it was such pure typing pleasure.

And I should have added, that unvarying keystroke is what the fine print refers to at the bottom, about an expert’s typing.  Manually, strokes can be fainter or even misaligned. [There’s a “Crazy Typewriter” font which simulates this!]

Quick quiz:  Those five characters which repeat - that would be the dash, the period, the space, and… ?

I love it!

It looks like Santa got it as a present, too, rather than being the deliverer YET AGAIN. :D