hey, guys, why don't we try personifying the maxi pads?
light. bulb.
(I guess since, in part, they personify EVERY product out there except say, something like feminine products... Since menstruation is so dirty/shameful/serious, you know. :p

There's something sort of refreshing about this sort of attitude.)
No need to apologize. Apparently Stayfree was better anyway since, you know, it still exists and all.

(I haven't heard of this brand before...)

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It seriously looks like the company let loose the interns. The male ones. That never had girlfriends (banana peels = slippage. *So* 3rd grade).
...it has earrings. It's comforting to know that the pads have fashion sense.
Ahaha personifying pads it's a genius idea.
Besides, these pads look so...thick...I imagine how uncomfortable it was. This is one of the few times I'm glad for living in the 21st century.
To think that some artist bought groceries for a month from this.

"And what are you using your Art degree for, again, son?"
Ah, yes, the days of belted pads, how could I have forgotten? The banana peel image and the slippage comment covers more of that sort of misery than I care to think about.

The bent-kneed walk of lil' Miss Stayfree there is very odd to look at. I understand why it's there but it's still very odd to look at.
Oh gawd. How I remember the belts. All through my high school days, and into my first marriage. Damn the belts. Damn them, I say.