Top 10 vintage ads that tumblr flagged as adult content

Some of you may or may not know that everything I post here, I also post over on Dandy Vintage Ads on Tumblr. Recently Tumblr decided to ban all adult content and they have let's say not super accurate software deciding which posts are "adult content" - I had 31 separate ads flagged as porn, so for fun I thought I'd share them here.

I'm starting with the 10 most ridiculous ones. They are all 100% totally SFW ads that you would be comfortable showing children, your grandmother and your priest.

1. This lovely couple enjoying Coca-Cola

2. This glitter Spider-Man decal

3. This flaming fruit kabob

4. This wholesome fella enjoying a beer and a hot dog

5. This other lovely couple enjoying Coca-Cola

6. These fully-clothed guys in a locker room, who admittedly look like they might've been doing something pornographic like 10 minutes earlier

7. These hungry piggies who just want to eat your food scraps

8. This discerning 1920s woman declining a date with a man who doesn't use the right lotion

9. This hand waving a gun at a shadow

10. This nerd getting mobbed at the office xmas party because he's wearing the 1970s version of Axe Body Spray

(And yes, I know you can appeal posts that were wrongfully flagged as "adult" - I appealed every single one and 30 out of 31 of my so-called 'adult' posts have been restored)
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No. 3: 'Flaming' youth: code word for gay! *gasp*

No. 5: looks like a devil's tail, *gasp again*!

No. 6: Those guys were SO doing it! ;)

Excellent post! There's one tumblr user who's posting classic art as a test, such as Ingres' "Odalisque", to see what happens. I'm glad you appealed and got reversals.

1970s version of Axe Body Spray LOL!!
It was probably all the flesh tones in the pig one and anything vaguely phallic, like a can or a glass but some are a puzzle.
Yeah I def selected the most mind-boggling wrongly classified ads for this post - the pigs and the guy eating the hot dog were the only ones where I could sort of see why a sloppy algorithm would flag them. But a lot of the other ones that I didn't post here, it was a little more obvious - partial nudity, underwear ads, etc
Tumblr has really made themselves a mess haven't they? I think for next week, since I have just finished writing out all the topics and need to plug them into a calendar and that is time consuming, aside from 'welcome 1999 ads' we'll have a 'would be banned by tumblr' event. I refer to this post.
Haha oh boy. Looking forward to the new calendar!

And this post here is only a small selection - I have many more ads that *were* flagged by tumblr that I can post during the would be banned event.
We're having that tumblr event next weekend, since I don't have the calendar done, just events all listed out and need to put them on an actual real live calendar, which I have to go get today, as that's easiest, to me, to figure everything out. That announcement will post today at noon EST.

I saw some on twitter when it was trending. Totally ridiculous! Basically they don't want any posts it seems!