Thanks for posting - can never get enough Pink Floyd. A planetarium near here set aside evenings every month for Pink Floyd's music to accompany the speeded up 90 minute skyscape lecture --- yes, it was trippy.
Have you ever did the Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon sync? THAT was trippy!! ITA, can never get enough Pink Floyd.
I've not heard of that one - sounds great! We used to listen to "Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds" for another psychedelic experience ...
You start DSOM after the MGM lion's 3rd roar. Confirm the album and movie are in sync when you see the credit “Produced by Mervyn LeRoy,” the credit should be fading amid the transition from “Speak to Me” to “Breathe.” Watch Oz with sound off. Now after DSOM ends, if you repeat it, I didn't think it matched up much at all. The first part? TRIPPY! Dorothy opens the door from b&w to color when "Money" starts, cuz the color part of the movie cost a lot of money.

When she's singing "over the rainbow", you hear on DSOM the planes and she's looking up to the sky. Wait, I found a site, they actually have syncs for the 2nd/3rd time you play it. I might try it again for the 2nd/3rd time. I have done it one time through numerous times---and now when I hear that Floyd song I envision the Oz part of the movie!

Also during play thru 1, the munchkins dance in time to the music. Watch the characters move. A lot of it is in sync. It'll mess with your mind, no drugs needed! :D

Okay, OLD website, but way more syncs to look for, they recommend just one play through. this person has some cues here that let you know you're on the right 'track' at 3 different points in the sync

Dissolve to Director Mervyn LeRoy screen correlates with transition between "Speak to Me" and "Breathe."
Gulch first appears, on her bike, at beginning of the bells in "Time."
Dissolve to the interior of Dorothy’s farmhouse after Gulch's arrival begins with 1st chord of "Time."
Fantastic instructions and links, thanks - *pictures Miss Gulch riding her bicycle* :)