Baking chocolate comes in squares, in a box. 1 square is equal to an ounce. 6 squares equals one cup.
So 2 squares is around 56g - thanks! I'm trying this one. Our cooking chocolate comes in bags of little buttons so I can just weigh it out.

For future reference, how much does one of your sticks of butter weigh?

[Edit] No worries - googled it! 113g.

Edited at 2019-02-16 08:56 pm (UTC)
Yes, 113g = U.S. 1/2 cup butter. Which, in theory should be 125g but go with 113 g or your things will be way too buttery.

When I convert U.S. recipes to use here in France, it drives me crazy that they don't measure by weight. It is so much more accurate!
Thank you, and a good tip! I'd probably just go for 110g.

And all those old-fashioned non-metric units that they're the only ones to use but are the default in so much software...
I need to try this but that doesn't seem like very much chocolate. Will report back!