... Does anyone still do that nowadays? All I ever see around Miami are self-serve stations... some are even completely unmanned. o.O
Until recently they did in NJ - the state had a ban on self-serve gas stations. They discussed lifting it, but I'm not sure if they did.

And, uh, who cares about safety belts? Can't you just see momma taking a wild turn at high speed and those little snot nosed bastards just flyyyyy out?
Full serve is all over the place at least in MA. Pick and choose, I usually go for the full service as gas pumps make me feel inadequate.

Hear hear for the little snot nosed bastards flying out on the next sharp curve.
Mom, looking over her shoulder: "Ok, now...my outfit matches my green stamps perfectly, the gift wrap matches the car perfectly, the kids' sweaters match the 'S&H' of the green stamps sign perfectly, very good -- oh the heck with those kids fighting -- I'm busy looking for a mismatch. There must be SOMETHING that doesn't match perfectly, and when I find it, I WILL KILL IT."

(If all else fails maybe she can spot someone wearing white shoes after labor day.)
Only at this very moment has my feeble brain made the connection between savings stamps and airline miles. (My family always collected Blue Chip Stamps, though, not Green Stamps.)

And yes, NJ is still all full-service for gas stations. Princess pumps!
Yeah, the one good thing about Jersey is that they offer full-service, which is really nice in the middle of winter.