Wizard of Oz released to public 80 years ago today!

Fun fact, did you know that when Dorothy enters Oz and goes from black and white to the color world, that a double in a sepia toned set opened the door to the colorful land of Oz, then it was the 'real' Dorothy who walked onto the color set? I actually just recently learned that. Very clever!

Is it safe to assume y'all have seen this movie? Do you have a favorite part and/or line? "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!" I also like to write Surrender Dorothy in random places, like a dirty back windshield in a parking lot, etc.

I always wondered where the red brick road led.
It was always a big event when this movie was on TV :-D I think my favourite part will always be when Dorothy arrives in Munchkinland :-)

I finally read the book about ten years ago and I was surprised how different it was.
Mom was seven when the movie came out, and her grandparents took her and her brother (who was almost five) to see it. When Dorothy et al. go to see him the first time and find his face looming over them, with fire flaring up and his voice booming (I don't know if I'm describing the scene very well, so I hope you know the one I'm talking about), she said her brother was scared half to death and ran out of the theater screaming.

The networks (CBS, I think) used to show it once a year, around Thanksgiving, and it was one of the highlights of our TV year. We didn't have a color TV until we didn't about it anymore, but it didn't matter. It's one of the greatest films of all time.

For me, the character that really made that film was the Wicked Witch of the West, and no one could have portrayed her as well as Margaret Hamilton did.

I've often added 'and your little dog, too!' to the end of sentences over the years.

On a related note, I kind of miss the 'olden' days when folks would spraypaint 'Surrender Dorothy' on a railroad bridge near the Mormon temple in this area. They do light it up green at night, so it really does make one think of the Emerald City.
I remember what a big event it was to watch this movie every year. My father always laughed at the Scarecrow's 'rubbery' antics when he first meets Dorothy. :)

It was a happy yearly event, and if we kids missed it on its special night for any reason, we knew it would be on next year. I do miss that sort of surety.

We used to hum the teacher's theme (Margaret Hamilton's) as she rode along the rural path and I still can. : duh duh DUH da-da-dahhh duh duh DUH da-da-dahhh :)