Five levels, hmmm. Good ad; I don't know of anyone else who is so well known for promoting drugs of this type.
It's the top line that gets me! Reads like a Maxwell House ad. "Does LSD ruin the taste of your coffee? Rich, smooth Maxwell House masks that taste and lets you enjoy your hallucinogen and your coffee at the same time!
Yes! And the crazies induced by the LSD could only be "enhanced" by the Maxwell House! (I used to work in advertising and "enhanced" was the current buzzword then. :)
This reads like the biggest concern people ever had about LSD was it ruining their cup of coffee. I know I was a part of the "War on Drugs" generation rather than Timothy Leary's generation but I don't think he would have to hype how great it was if that was truly the only reason everyone wasn't expanding their consciousness. I suppose, however, it makes a nice hurdle to clear. "Don't worry, it totally doesn't spoil the taste!"