"Special Deordorant"

from the pix i think she needs protection from that guy in the shadows....

another from August 1960's Women's Day...

Wait...how would this work? D: do you put it directly on your vag or something?
At least by 1960 they could use the word "menstrual" in a women's magazine without fear.
Don't you know... a vagina is supposed to smell like roses and sunshine, not an actual vagina!
Even better if it contains talc, which has been linked to ovarian cancer when used on/near the vulva. Healthy! But at least you won't have to worry that some creepy dude in the background will be able to smell your horrible female shame!
I have never wanted to scream "Behind you!" to an ad before...
S-o-o, you got a bunch of congealed, um, I can see why this didn't stay around for long.
I think she needs protection from Spooky Guy looming in half-shadow behind her.
You know what truly ain't funny? I have a guy friend (who is gay...I wonder why...) who says that he can usually tell when a woman is ragging. He says we smell like meat.


*reaches for ye olde listerine douche* :P
lol I was ragging when he said it too. sonofabitch. hahahha

I kept surreptitiously opening my legs and sniffing myself the rest of the evening.
Dogs can always tell, no matter what you use. Maybe your buddy just has a super sense of smell.
The man in the Shadows can smell your shame Sally. Quick! Sprinkle this on your vajayjay!
I can't decide whether the creepy guy in the background looks more like a vampire or a priest coming to make her confess her odorous sins.

Quest: it's less expensive than hiring an exorcist for menstrual odors.

And it's neat!