I knew this couldn't be an American ad, and apparently it's not, judging from the use of "Dr" rather than "Dr."
WOW -- I think that's the only ad I've ever seen acknowledge that. I'm torn between finding that completely tasteless and kind of refreshing.
Holy crap, that's BRILLIANT! And kind of crass...enough to make you go...buh? O.o

How old is this ad?
I also like "...we may not be able to lift the curse of Eve completely..."..

Hell, the whole ad is very against what we're all used to in advertising, especially for this type of product.
The idea of an anthropomorphic tampon is pure gold.

However, i'm left wondering why the one on the left is angry.... Considering where he's going and all..
I wonder if this is where Prince Charles got his inspiration for wanting to be a tampon in Camilla's knickers, or if the opposite were true.