I think they're cherries, but I really can't tell.

At first, i was thinking that was, perhaps, some kind of banana sauce or something until I realized I was looking at ham. Now I like bananas. I like ham, and I like hollandaise sauce. The combination of all three, however, just seems like a very fancy recipe for disgusting.
Hollandaise instead of cheese sauce makes that dish only very slightly less gross. I'm pretty sure those are crab apples, though, because I've never seen cherries that size and those look like the bright red pickled ones you sometimes find in jars (although I've never bought them).
Your comment has made me laugh so hard I am crying.

This will be Sunday dinner for me in Hell's eternal torment.
I will shamefacedly admit that the bacon and cheese sauce paired together make the Homer Simpson part of my tummy grumble...but the bananas? The crabapples? What the holy fuck is going on here?

I actually found this recipe.

It is (gag) Ham and Banana Hollandaise.


WTF X 20,000,000! please tell me that stuff thal looks like ham isn't!

you know I never thought I was going to say this.... Thank god I am allergic to bananas!
my dog eats these special treats that are similar: dried banana chips wrapped in chicken jerky. he loves it.
I actually counted.
IKR? I love that the recipe possibly says at the end, "...and finally, garnish with 21 bananas."
Aha! I knew I had seen this recently. Much more frightening than the fact that someone thought this up is the fact that they kept reprinting the recipe over a period of probably 20 years. At least no one has ever tried to serve it to me.
They say that a fungus is going to destroy pretty much all the bananas in the world (which are mostly clones of each other, incidentally, and hence seedless). One day our descendants will look at pictures like this and ask how anybody could waste these unimaginably precious things in such a way.