Miss Tia (misstia) wrote in vintage_ads,
Miss Tia

This week's upcoming events...


MONTHLY THEME IS: Black History Month so ads of featuring African Americans

1 Monday Contest Starts: Valentine's Day Ads

2 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Over and over (for Groundhog's Day) something you could eat/drink/watch/etc over & over AND Shadows in Ads

5-7 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: African American Entrepreneurs AND Remember when we could do ____ (before pandemic & lockdowns) AND Predictive Text Ads (Google search images with: Vintage Ads the [number of your choice] & post a few results

Mod Note: Please note I have not yet tallied January contest finalists. I apologize for the delay, I've had more problems (pneumonia, etc AFTER covid than during) plus work being done in my house and add in elderly critters who need frequent vet visits. I will have them up Tuesday at the latest!
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