Miss Tia (misstia) wrote in vintage_ads,
Miss Tia

2 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

6 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Jobs You'd Love AND Jobs You'd Hate

Ads for Jobs You'd Love, so say you'd love to be a blimp pilot (cuz you'd get to be on the blimp!!!) so you post an ad with the Goodyear Blimp (who'd do that? ;) If you'd love to be working in an art museum in some capacity, post an ad for an art museum. You wanted to be a rock star? Post an ad for a rock band.


Ads for Jobs You'd Hate. I'd hate to be a garbageman, so an ad for garbage bags (tho what would we do without garbage people? I think they're really unappreciated). Like above, but for jobs you'd hate.
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