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Contest Starts Tomorrow!

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<font=red>Mod Note: No, finalists haven't been posted for April's contest, I apologize but have at least? started to tally them. If my puppy doesn't go on a destructive spree again this evening I'll finish them then.</font>

3 May Contest Starts: Lipstick in Ads

Our rule post:

1. You MUST put 'Contest Entry' in the subject line or I will not tally the votes for your post

2. Voting is via a YES in the comments (I do not count 'likes' of the post, you must type in a 'yes' in the comments)

3. Print or video ads are fine

4. All vintage ads rules apply EXCEPT: only ONE AD PER ENTRY

5. As always, non contest/non event ads are ALWAYS welcome!!

6. Hem and haw rule: FINALLY I heard a toad on April 29, haven't seen any yet tho, hope to today, it'll give my little black heart joy.

7. The MOST important rule of vintage ads: HAVE FUN!!!

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