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sometimes you need more than a nice smell to make you smell nice...

It certainly puts a new twist on the term, "snapper." LOL!

OT: I love your icon. It scares the hell out of me, but I love it.
I Agree!
I always think of that when I see the commercials for Vagasil...

Who needs to use that a lot?
A good old shower daily does the trick...just saying.

Plus, it was found out that those sprays caused serious problems with constant use.
Seriously. And if someone has odor problems a shower doesn't solve, they need to see their doctor, not buy "feminine hygiene" deodorant. *eyeroll*
How could they be so wrong, both aesthetically and scientifically? Mind-boggling.
You need it because nature is working against you! Way to sell the twat-based paranoia.