Who ever heard of an attractive man? I mean, aside from Jim Morrison and Johnny Depp.
* Why oh why do the stars of "I Want You" appear to be Judy Garland and John Cassavetes? DO NOT WANT.

* The poster for "Hot Lunch" makes it look like the girl has one scorchin' case of the herp. And is that weird curly hair caught in the top of her stocking drawn there deliberately, or was it stuck on the scanner, I wonder?

* And the girl in the "D" of "Girls that Do" looks like Janis Joplin. WTF.

The more I look at these posters, the more disturbed I become.

I thought of Bjork and Janis immediately in the "D" in "Girls that Do."

Did you see that 19th century guy with the top hat and handlebar mustache wondering why he's in the poster of "Come one, come all"?

I know people looked older back then, but... I concur with your Judy Garland, Cassavetes observation. Ewww...

Man, I need to watch me some of these, anyway...
Okay I have to admit, I actually like the poster for "Casting Call."
Bit of trivia. The movie Fame was supposed to be called Hot Lunch. The title was changed when the porn film of that name was released right before. I think both sides won on that one.
the last one ´Male service´he looks like he doesn´t have a clue what he´s doing...
those are great.. where did you find them.. post others if you can..
I love these! The electronica artist Benny Benassi paid, uh, homage to a lot of these posters in his video for "Who's Your Daddy". Look for "Hot Lunch", "Casting Call", "Girls That Do", "Assignment Female", and "Love and Kisses".

Awesome! I always learn something new in this community :v All things are tied together through vintage ads.
"The Swap and How they Make It" reminds me of the title "The Knack and How to Get It." Coincidence? I think not.
Cinema patrons were terribly disappointed when, despite the lurid posters, none of these movies turned out to be porn!

- Hot Lunch: an expose of working conditions in the fast-food industry
- Casting Call: a D-grade SF flick about head transplants
- Girls That Do - an expose of working conditions of office cleaners, alt. title "Can I Do You Now, Sir?"
- Come One, Come All - animated short about a circus, using Meccano
- The Marriage Manual - police procedural about mysterious multiple killing
- Cheri - feel-good sports flick about tennis
- Male Service - expose of working conditions in the plumbing industry

... and so forth.