Hahaha, I see you've updated this post with the correct embedded video. I was watching that puppy video for quite a while and wondering where all the coffee-related insults were. ;)

Oh man, I laughed so hard at "Well, see you later".
*Laugh* How mean! XD

I feel awful for thinking it was really cute...at the end.

Vindictive man-bashing - it's so trendy! Congratulations on your PC goodthink.

Er, I think the OP was only "bashing" the sort of man exemplified in the ad. Are we reading the same post?
I know I can't relax unless my man is pleased with my brew.

He seemed so sad and dejected. He wants to love his wife's coffee, he really does. Thank god there is tea. You can't mess up tea.

When I was a kid, I' could stare for hours into a jar of folger's crystals. It looked so cool!
Is this what people did for fun before they'd figured out real kink? Seriously, there has to be a better way.