Love these!

I'm a bit confused by the last one- what are these golden 'rules of health'? Drink solar orange juice and knock out the dumb broad when you're done with her? :P
I thought it was provide Amanda Lepore refreshments when she falls asleep in the path of an oncoming train.
heh heh, there's that little wienie-on-the-vine picture again!

As if people purposefully, with malicious intent, go out and hit 2-ton deer with their Studebaker or what-have-you.
(I haven't seen it posted before, oops!)

It looks like someone is tempting her with a bundle of smoked cocktail weenies. (Take THAT out of context)
Take the weenies! You want the weenies!
I saw it here only once before, plus we get repeats - no problem.

It looks like her nose is gone - is that a side effect of T.B? Plus, she's napping on a side of ham!
Wait... it's generally spelled as one word: wildlife.

That poster takes on a brand new meaning now.
Let's see. That would be:

A) Women are the source and/or protect all life, don't rip their heads off.

B) Don't wantonly run down deer, they may be does protecting fawns.

C) No matter how strong your hands are, that iron bar is going to hurt you too if you wack something with it hard enough.

D) Sunlight, fruit and energy for the ill, um, Marlena Deitrich. Not too bad for getting points across although very much more than slightly making the point towards men.