NOT a Contest Entry

Listen to Cartier, size does matters! What a gorgeous ad.

ETA: Learned this ad is a fake, therefore not a contest entry. They did a great job of faking this. Still gorgeous!


Contest Starting Tomorrow!!

Contest Starts TOMORROW: Jewelry Ads. Ads that contain jewelry, are for jewelry, etc.

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2. Print or video ads are fine

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5. Non-themed ads are welcomed at any time

6. Hem & Haw rule: I'm writing this in November, is the world still gonna exist in March? I really wonder. Guess we'll find out! I hope we're still here!

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8. Our most important rule: HAVE FUN!!!

This week's upcoming events...

6 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Feminine Hygiene

7 Wednesday Contest Starts: Jewelry Ads for, that contain jewelry

9-11 Friday - Sunday Weekend Event: Things that suck and Tasteful Side Boob Daylight Savings Time is this weekend, so 'things that suck', products, people in ads, etc

February Contest Finalists!

Here are the finalists for our February chocolate contest. Please vote on THIS entry for one!

Yes, it's now March. I've been a bad mod. I had midterms and then I had the fun experience of some mofo getting my bank card info. I paid for gas at the pump, as I've always done--I will never do so again--and my card info was stolen by a skimmer. That was on a Friday. Monday I logged into my account and there was a $436 charge at a bar, and a $330 hotel charge. WTF?! Called bank, then hotel who gave me his name and I found him in court records with an extensive history. The bar told me he had swiped a card and what thieves do is make a card with their name, but with the stolen card number. If they only put that much effort into a legitimate living! PLEASE be careful if you pay for gas at the pump. Check you bank account every business day. It's a pain in the ass to deal with!

Finalist 1

Finalist 2

Finalist 3

Finalist 4

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