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Kinky as a cheap garden hose!

You are so young, Mama

From the wonderful German-language vintage site, vongestern.com (fromyesterday) comes this Swiss ad:

Crème Malacéïne, 1936


She seems to be the sister of her son!

A mother always watches with a certain bitterness as her children grow up.  The more her daughter becomes a woman, the more her son grows into a man, the more she believes "that her time is past".

Why this bitterness?  Haven't you ever wondered about these happy mothers, whom we often mistake for the sister of her kids on account of their fresh skin and their dazzling complexion?


A few minutes of daily care can let you look many years younger.  But choose a cream that not only works on the surface, but also (and in particular) works on the inner tissue of your skin, which is of course extremely sensitive.  MALACEINE Cream is prepared especially for this skin-penetrating effect.  It enlivens the weakened productive layers and helps them bring forth new, powerful and supple cells.  It also protects the surface of the skin, it gives it back the softness and elasticity of a 20-year-old and continually removes the wrinkles that are already beginning to drag their furrows.

Crème Malacéïne 
     say Ma-las-say-een

little pink sock

Two-fer Tuesday

Maybelline, 1960/61

With a reference to The Three Faces of Eve (1957)?

  • YOU ARE EVE...
     the eternal woman, with a hundred faces to beguile and fascinate. 
    Which face do you wear this hour, Eve? Remember, your eyes hold the secret 
    of your mood! Look into your mirror . . . are those the deepening, gleaming 
    eyes of your Siren face? Will a raised brow announce the haughty Queen? 
    Or will those silky lashes turn shyly down, inviting tenderness? Your 
    eyes speak for you, Eve ... so make the most of their subtle 
    beauty . . . always! . . . with Maybelline. 
    For exquisitely expressive brows, Maybelline Self-Sharpener Eyebrow Pencil . . . 
    for eyes that deepen and glow, Maybelline Iridescent Eye Shadow ... a touch 
    of scintillation with Maybelline Fluid Eye Liner . . . then lashes 
    transformed, curled, colored and separated with the exciting Maybelline 
    achievement, Magic Mascara with self-contained Spiral Brush. 
    Let Maybelline, the most prized eye cosmetics in the world, 
    reveal all the hidden beauty of your eyes. 

1961 EveA1961 EveB