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Lufthansa Cocktails

From the Flickr pages of Harald Haefker, a beautiful set of five ads (all link to bigger versions) for Lufthansa Cocktail in several varieties.

(Lufthansa is the main German airline.  The cocktail was Apricot-Orange liqueur 30%abv, is apparently for sale).

Wide is the world, our luck is near.  To us! with Lufthansa cocktail.

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Misc. ads with Leonard Nimoy

We'll start with this because, come on, this is why we know and love him:

Which then spawned kaboodles of merchandising:
star trek phaser gun
Well, kinda looks like him. Either way, Shatner probably wasn't happy to be left out.

And Mr. Nimoy's fate was sealed. Not everything he did was tied to Trek, but he would be inextricably tied to geekdom forevermore (not that that's a bad thing!)
celestron with Leonard Nimoy
Found here.

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