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Friday, February 12, ONE DAY EVENT: Peter Cooper's Birthday! He invented gelatin so JELLO/gelatin ads!! Where would this community be without jello? (Yes, I know jello is a brand, but many people, call any kind of gelatin jello).

Weekend EventsFriday - Sunday, February 12 - 14: Chocolate; Weapons; and Flowers (It's Valentine's Day Weekend :)

Ads for Chocolate/Candy; any kind of weapons; and flowers.

A general complaint

I would like to lodge a complaint against Jell-O, on the grounds of allowing their product to be (ab)used to the point that we have a jello monstrosities tag.  Of course, I understand that we could blame cultural patterns or mayonnaise or a number of other things, but I blame Jell-O.


And whoever thought that "I can put anything in Jell-O" meant the same as "I can put EVERYTHING in Jell-O at one time!"  And celery flavor.  My apologies to fans of aspics, but no thank you.

OTOH, what would our lives be without the shared horror we've endured here at V.A.?