2 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

27 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Credit Cards AND Wrist Action/Waving in ads

Ads for and/or involving credit cards in any way, shape, or form!


Ads that contain wrist action, for example waving, in ads. Any kind of wrist action!

Wizard of Oz released to public 80 years ago today!

Fun fact, did you know that when Dorothy enters Oz and goes from black and white to the color world, that a double in a sepia toned set opened the door to the colorful land of Oz, then it was the 'real' Dorothy who walked onto the color set? I actually just recently learned that. Very clever!

Is it safe to assume y'all have seen this movie? Do you have a favorite part and/or line? "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!" I also like to write Surrender Dorothy in random places, like a dirty back windshield in a parking lot, etc.

I always wondered where the red brick road led.

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Blue Jeans AND Butter AND Hip Hop

Ads for and/or that include blue jeans in any way, shape or form!


Ads that include butter in any way, shape, or form, sure, I can't believe it's not butter can be included.


Ads for/about/include hip hop in any way, shape, or form

This week's upcoming events...

19 Monday AND 20 Tuesday ONE TWO DAY EVENTS: Ink/Dyes AND Sugar/Honey/Sweeteners (Because I suck & didn't post until today we'll do this today AND tomorrow!

21 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Mythical Creatures and Fisticuffs

23-25 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Blue Jeans AND Butter AND Hip Hop

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

16-18 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Tropical AND Arctic/Snow AND Fads (bell bottoms, frosted denim, etc)

Ads that include anything Tropical!


Ads that show the Arctic and/or Snow in any way, shape, or form


Ads that depict Fads (ie: bell bottoms, frosted denim, etc)

Contest Entry

Young'uns today probably think we're joking when we say the first mobile phones were the size of a brick. From 1989. $1499 in today's dollars is equivalent to $3096.44. Damn!! Anyone feeling nostalgic, I'll paint a brick to look like a phone for you, just $14.99! ;)