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Vintage Ads

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A community for vintage ads 20 years or older and for having fun!
Vintage_Ads Community Rules

1. All posts MUST* (*=see rule #2) include an embedded ad, be it a print or video ad. Ads must be 1996 and before. (20 year rule is in effect, in 2017, ads must be 1997 and before, etc) You may include a link to a site with additional ads (provided it is not a site with ads for sale--no commercial links please), or to a site with more information about a product. But NO POSTS WITH ONLY A LINK. You may also include a photograph of the product if you personally own it and it is an interesting object. Personal commentary is always welcome and that does not need to be behind a cut.

Also: No hotlinking. Use your own picture hosting site to upload the ads.

We DO have tags, please feel free to use them! It is not mandatory to do so and we have a 'keeper of the tags' who ensures entries are properly tagged.

2. The exceptions to posting without an ad is if you are posting icons made from vintage ads. You may post a post with icons made of vintage ads. Icons of vintage ads only. Also, there are NO RULES when posting ANYTHING related to our Patron Saints Hall & Oates.

3. LJ Cuts are at the POSTER’S discretion with these exceptions:

a) The ad has blatant nudity and is NSFW
b) There are more than 3 ads in the post
c) The ad is absolutely humongous
d) On days we have events with all video ads, you must use a cut then. If it's
a video ad on a regular day, no cut is necessary. But on days with video ads
in the theme, cuts are required so as not to slow our friends' page down for
some of our community members.

Commenters are NOT to request a LJ Cut or any alteration to a post, with the only exception of if someone forgets to use a cut for a NSFW ad. If a member has an issue with a post, they are to contact ME misstia via LJ message or at ljvintageads@gmail.com (please put 'v. ads' in the subject) with their concern and I will determine if any action should be taken with the post. Why? Because we had issues in the long long ago where certain members of the community tried to dictate how the community should look based on other communities and it created an atmosphere were members did not feel comfortable posting. This is not other communities, this is vintage ads.

If a commenter leaves a comment requesting you, as a poster do something, please ignore them and contact me. I do read through the comments several times a day, but the sooner I am aware of something, the sooner I can handle something.

4. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for discrimination, hate, intolerance, etc in this community. ZERO TOLERANCE. We are all individuals of different races, genders, beliefs, etc and we are all EQUAL HERE (as we should be everywhere). I will not tolerate ANY comments of any kind against anyone’s sexual orientation, religious beliefs, handicaps, etc. If an ad makes you want to leave a comment based on hate---go to your own LJ and make a post, do not post it in this community or you will be banned.

Many vintage ads portray how far we have come as a society. If you are personally offended by an ad, please CONTACT ME. There have been several instances where ads have been removed due to their offensiveness, please do not feel you cannot contact me if you are offended by an ad, you can! (And please see the statement on racism in vintage ads below)

We have many conversations in the comments discussing race in ads, even the word ‘gay’ in ads, also the sexist portrayal of women in ads from the 50s. We are all adults and these conversations are 99% of the time enlightening. If someone starts to inject hate, please contact me immediately!

If you are personally attacked in the comments, if you can (and I understand it might be difficult to do, but please try), do not respond and contact me immediately and I will deal with it!

5. It is A-okay if conversations in the comments stray off topic. It’s been mentioned before where some people don’t think it’s allowed, it is!!

6. We have contests every month and weekend themes and occasional one day themes. Check our Master Calendar for upcoming events!

7. No rules apply if you are posting about our patron saints Hall & Oates! Yes, this bares repeating!

8. Have fun!!! This is THE most important rule here!

A Note on Vintage Ads Depicting Racism

On occasion you may find an ad posted that comes from a different era and to our modern eyes shows instances of blatant racism, sexism, elitism or other objectionable and abhorrent qualities that we would not allow in today's advertising. These ads are products of their time and you will find that the comments on such ads show shock that such ads were ever acceptable in society. These ads are never posted as a sign of agreement or diffidence to such matters, they are posted to remind us how far we have come in society and at times to remind us how far we still need to go.

I apologize in advance if some of these ads make you feel uncomfortable. I would like everyone to feel welcome here. Putting these ads behind a cut though is hiding history. Therefore the only ads that are mandated to go behind a cut are NSFW ads. If a member has a problem with an ad's content or if they feel the poster is trying to promote or condone hatred, discrimination or bigotry, please contact me ASAP. There have been several prior instances where this has happened and I have removed ads. So please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you're a non-community member with a concern about an ad...

If you are not a community member and you have an issue with an ad that is posted, think you own the ad, someone hotlinked from your personal site (flickr is owned by yahoo so if someone hotlinks from your flickr account it's not your personal site, it's against our rules here, but flickr isn't your site---unless you're yahoo and if you are, i have a few things to tell you....) or another concern, please contact ME, ljvintageads@gmail.com with v. ads in the subject and please do not post a comment on the post requesting the user change something or do something. They will contact me anyway if you try to bypass me. It's just better to come to me in the first place, I won't bite, well, not usually. :)

Community owner and moderator: misstia

Contact Info
Ways to contact me: Email please put v. ads in the subject so I know it's not spam!

You may LJ message me.

If you are a regular user and if you think phoning me would be more convenient or quicker for you, or even easier, please message me and I will give you my phone #.


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